Not saving changes?


I updated Scrivener to the other day and made a few changes to a Script. I am pretty pedantic about saving stuff so am sure I saved the script before closing. However the next day the changes were not there. I assumed that I had forgotten to “Save” (although it is not like me), so made sure I saved regularly the second day when I made several more changes. I also “saved” when I closed the program. Today I opened it up and the changes are missing again. I am running on a fully updated Windows 7 system and I didn’t get any error message. Is this a known bug? Is there anywhere else I can look to try and find my changes? I’m afraid I can’t continue to use Scrivener if it is going to act like this.

I had been saving to the D: drive on my PC by the way, not the cloud.


Scrivener automatically writes the changes you make to your project when you pause for a couple of seconds. So when you say that you “save”, what exactly do you mean? Are you just using File->Save, or CTRL-s? Are you using File->Save As, and writing to a different filename? Are you using some other keyboard shortcut or menu item?

I know that “Save As” works counter to how some people expect; it creates a new copy of the project, and puts you “in” that copy. If you work on it and then quit, and later open the original, it could look as if your changes were lost, when they’re just sitting in that copy you created with “Save As”. Not that you necessarily did that, but knowing what you’re doing to save could possibly lead to an answer to your missing data.