Not Saving documents ?

For some reason, when I create a new project -> transfer some documents to the new project, the new project will not save the documents properly. When I try to quit that project, it won’t let me; so then I force quit eventually, and when I open it back up those documents are “recovered”.

Any idea what is going on? This has never happened to me before. A user of this software since the first beta testing…

This might be to do with where the projects are being stored: cloud services, USB drives, the same folder as the folder designated for Scrivener backups, etc.

There is also an issue with iCloud (if used) where the “Optimize Mac Storage” option can cause problems:

One way to test this would be to create a dummy project and save it somewhere absolutely free of any possible cloud or connection interference. If that dummy project works okay, you should be a step closer to identifying the issue.

It would be helpful to know what error message you’re seeing. – Katherine