Not saving most recent work

Despite using multiple backups and file saves, when I return to my scrivener projects the file that I worked in last is blank. When I check my backups and other save files the result is the same. The new text file is there, but the contents are missing.

Do you leave the program open while you are away? There is a known bug – fixed in the current beta – that can lead to save failures if Scrivener is left open for an extended period.

Do you use Dropbox or any other synchronization tool? Having the file be present, but empty, is a common symptom of synchronization errors.


Something similar to this is happening to me. Someone PLEASE tell me there is a way to recover my lost work? I mean, GAH, I have been making backups and saves religiously since the other day when something like this happened to me, and… all lost! I really wish someone from Scrivener would reply to my email soon! I can’t work, because I am afraid to touch my files, fearing to mess up whatever opportunity I might have to recover my lost work!