Not scrolling in full screen, possible?

Am really getting annoyed with automatic scrolling in full-screen. As in: if I move my mouse down a paragraph to type something, the page automatically goes up. Is very annoying as I would like to see what I have written before.

Is there any way to stop this? Now happens both with arrows and the mouse.


Typewriter scrolling, which keeps your focussed line in the centre of the screen, is enabled by default in full screen, but you can turn it off in a project by using the short cut Ctrl+G,Ctrl+T while in full screen, and you can turn it off by default for new projects by changing the setting in the Editor tab of Tools > Options. Normally the document should only scroll if you start typing, not just when you click with the mouse or use the arrow keys, but I believe there’s a bug in 1.6.1 that is causing the text to jump around in those circumstances if you’ve loaded a Scrivenings session (i.e. multiple text documents are being viewed together). An alternative then is to just work on a single document at a time if you like the TW scrolling otherwise, but if you’re editing and moving around a lot you most likely just want this off for now anyway.