Not seeing "Open recent"

I just migrated from an old config (a MBP 32 bit) running snow eopard, and an older version of Scrivener, to an Imac, running el capitan, and the latest version of Scrivener.

I have gone through each of my files, opened them, to be advised that they need to be updated, which I have done, and cleared out the old ones.

But, I am not seeing anything coming up in the splash screen, “Open Recent” box. I have edited and saved a few files, but still nothing - ideas?

From AmberV in a recent thread in this forum:

“…How many items are stored in these menus is up to your settings in the Mac’s General System Preference pane, toward the bottom. I’d check to make sure that is set to something greater than none.”

Or, as the OP in that thread discovered, the mere act of opening the General Systems Preference pane in El Capitan appeared to trigger an update.