Not staying in same document when leaving Full Screen mode

Hi guys, hope I’m not posting something that’s already there, I did a quick search but nothing came up.

So I have just downloaded 0.0.35, and as I haven’t used it for a while and NaNo is approaching, I thought I’d refresh my memory with a quick run through the tutorial.

At the end of Basics>Step 4: Full Screen this is given as the next instruction: Then, choose Draft > Part 1: Basics > Step 5: The Inspector. When I do that, the first line of Step 5, still in Full Screen mode, is “You can leave full screen mode now by hitting the Escape key on your keyboard.”

When I press escape, it takes me out of full screen mode, but Step 4 is then on the screen, and not Step 5. If I press F11to come out of Full Screen, the same thing. I have tried going to different parts of the tutorial and practising the same exercise but it always displays Step 4… Am I being dumb? Is there something else I should be doing? I’m just thinking that will be really annoying when in an actual novel!

I’m on Windows Vista Home Premium with Service pack 2.

Thank you!

Thanks for the post! This is a bug and Lee’s aware of it; it’ll be fixed for 1.0. It should work as the Tutorial describes, but at present switching documents while in full screen isn’t correctly mirrored in the main editor when you exit. Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you! One more thing… I have just got to the Scrivener Links part of the tutorial. When I clicked on the Spacewalk link, nothing happens. I can add an external link, but even going through the process of adding an internal link leaves me with links which do not work. Any ideas? x

Yeah…another bug. Right now, Scrivener links are set to open in the other editor, meaning that if you don’t have a split open (as described in Step 8), you won’t see anything happening. This isn’t the correct behavior, so it’ll be fixed for the next update. I know it’s pretty confusing right now!

No it’s all good, as long as I know and don’t sit here trying to make the links work, I’m happy! It’s the first time I’ve gone through the entire tutorial today. It is a very good piece of software!

Thank you! And it’ll be even better once the bugs are fixed. :wink: