Not sure if it's a bug: outline column widths

Whenever I click on the “outline” button for my new documents, I get a table whose Label and Status columns are so narrow that only the first letter of the text is displayed. And what’s strange is that there’s a whole bunch of unused space to the right of the outline.

What I’m wondering is why the table doesn’t just fill up the window’s width, and auto-size the columns appropriately. They are all so narrow, and I have to resize them manually for each new document.

This has happened in Scrivener for as long as I can remember, but I was surprised to see it’s still happening in 1.01.


I have never actually had that happen with the status, but I’m fairly sure it is intentional with the label. Actually, I think it is only supposed to show the colour and none of the text.

This is a result of the fact that the outline view actually contains a number of other columns that are hidden at runtime, and there is no easy way of getting the columns to auto-fit, as the project instead remembers the widths the user sets between sessions (and there are no such settings when you first open a project).

However, 1.02 gets around a number of issues such as this one. In 1.02, you will be able to set up your project how you want it and save it as a template, and the template will remember outline column widths and so forth.