not sure if this is a bug, exactly, but...

what’s up with resetting the modification date every time I open up a .scriv file even if I don’t modify anything? that makes it a bit tricky to keep track of multiple versions existing on multiple computers…

Scrivener has an autosave feature, which, as a safeguard, automatically saves the file when it exits.

Check up a recent thread on working with two computers and Scrivener. I post a simple work-flow using Scrivener’s automatically dated zip function to keep two (or more) computers safely synchronised. The reason I ended up doing things the way I do is precisely because of what you note. The file system date cannot be trusted as an indicator of when a file was last really edited.

Sorry, I really like scrivener, but wouldn’t it make more sense to only save on exit if there have been any changes since the last save? after all, if no changes have been made, it can only make things less safe to write over them, right?