Not sure if tutorial bug or user error

Hey there! I purchased Scrivener recently and decided today was the day to work my way through the tutorial.

Everything was going great until I got to Part 3, Step 16: Compiling the Draft. I’m on steps 6-8, which has me playing around with the Formatting tab in the Compile window.

I had no trouble with Step 6.

Step 7 is where things have now gone awry. I can check the box to add the Title, and I can again change the formatting for that Title. But when I attempt to change the formatting of the rest of the text (Step 7.b.), I am unable to do so. I can select the text, but all of the formatting options remain grayed out - I cannot move the rule to change indenting. I cannot change the font, line spacing, etc.

I tried unchecking the “Text” box and then re-checking it to see if that cleared it up. No dice. I then attempted to format the text in the next row down (ie, step 9) - again, the text cannot be formatted. If I check the box to add a title, I can format the Title, but not the text.

I even went back up to the folder level and re-checked the text box - nope, cannot format the text.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bona fide bug in the tutorial? Or, worse, is this a bug in the program, so that when I attempt to format my real document, I’m going to run into the same brick wall?

Hello Anastasia,
Make sure the little box named Override text and notes formatting is ticked (top left of the ‘Levels box’) That should enable it to be changed.