Not Sure where this should go--Scrivener as a Rapid CV Engine

In response to an inquiry on LinkedIn concerning the rapid customization of cv’s, I suggested using Scrivener and posted


Moved to the general Scrivener forum, since it’s not Mac specific.

For someone who already owns and uses Scrivener regularly and is familiar with the ins and outs of compile? Sure. Even sounds like it might be fun to do. :nerd_face:

For anyone else? It seems to me WAY overkill. :exploding_head:

My post started as a response to someone on LinkedIn who was complaining about all the time he was putting in customizing cv’s and wanted to know if anyone had any ideas to speed up the process.

Scrivener fits the bill. There was once an invitation to post about “other uses” of Scrivener on the old forum, but I couldn’t find that subsection anymore.

If you have another, non-Scrivener suggestion I’ll pass it on. I did mention using LaTeX and simply commenting out or including sections. That kind of a document can become unwieldy quickly, though for short cv’s it works well enough. I didn’t want to get too deep into LaTeX here.

Maybe there’s other software that does the trick.

On another note, I’m also using Scrivener as case preparation software. It works well enough, but it’s just not shareable unless your colleague is familiar with Scrivener.

I don’t. :frowning: I just think for most new users, the overhead of having to pretty much immediately learn the compile process would make this a non-trivial endeavor. (Unless we’re talking about new users who happen to be software developers.)

Personally, as much as I love Scrivener, for a CV, with all the framings and decorative whatnots you get from apps such as LO and the likes, I am not sure I’d recommend it to someone who’s goal is to produce such a document.

A CV is all about standing out of the crowd. Last thing you should want is a bland sheet of paper. Which is what Scrivener will by design get you.

You can compile to text and then import that into a desktop publishing program if decoration is your goal.

ATS systems throw all that out anyway.