Not sure whose bug this belongs to...

But, speaking of spelling issues:

I am running Scrivener iOS on an iPad Pro 9.7"
Language is set to UK English in settings (because the work needs to have English spelling and, well… It is the correct way to spell… :laughing: ) however, when I type a word like “behaviours” Scrivener marks this as incorrect, underlining it in red, and suggesting some oddly-spelt version of the word - “behaviors”.

So, if the language in the iPad settings is UK English, does Scrivener use that ‘dictionary’; or has Scrivener gone the way of Microsoft Word’s fascistic orthographic cleansing of mandatory US English, even if you have changed your default language to UK English in the settings?

Curious to know if anyone else has this issue.

(And before anyone’s offended, remember… Sarcasm is big and clever… :wink:)

I had this problem too, a critical one as I was educated to spell incorrectly :slight_smile: . It turns out that iOS determines which dictionary it uses by which keyboard is selected. If you go to

settings > general > keyboard > keyboards > add new keyboard

And select an appropriate keyboard (UK, Australia, et. al.,) your spelling assistance should no longer have our evil colonial influence.

P. S. If you have a hardware keyboard you will also need to connect it and then perform a similar operation in settings > general > keyboard > hardware keyboard.

Thank you Silverdragon.

I forgot to mention:
This was with the iPad keyboard cover - so I wasn’t expecting there to be a need to change the hardware settings for the keyboard (although, in recent years Apple has gone from “it just works” to “it sometimes borks”).

So, I had both the language and keyboard as UK English and it wasn’t working.
However, since you kindly pitched in, I tried again!

Changed the keyboard to Australian English, then back again to UK English, and now it seems to be working correctly…

So, thank you. (I think I’ll chalk that one up to Apple, rather than Scrivener.)