Not syncing now

Put simply, Dropbox will not sync.
Here are some screen shots, I have no idea what the problem is.
(Long story: I put everything in the Dropbox app folder, then realised it was too much, took tons of stuff out again, now nothing will sync. )
Have reset Sync settings in iOS
No idea what to do next.

Turn of Dropbox connection in Scrivener app. Turn off your iDevice and re-start it (to re-boot it). Start Scrivener, make a new connection to Dropbox and wait for everything to sync.

An alternative would be to do same as above, but create a new folder called e.g. Scriv, using Finder. Move the necessary projects to that folder and delete the Scrivener folder. Then start the iDevice, connect to the new Scriv folder.

What are those ‘@@’ folders? Do you think they might be the problem? Is Scrivener choking on trying to work out what to do with them? Why the ‘@@’? Can’t they just be labelled ‘Fiction’ and ‘nonfiction’?


I have disconnected Scrivener from Dropbox and reconnected, but without a hard restart of the iPad. I will try that, but feel straws are being grasped at!
The @@ is just to force the folder to the top of a list in Dropbox, can’t see how that would affect anything.
Thanks for input.

Ok, I seem to have cracked it. I disconnected form Dropbox, made a new folder called MyScrivener, moved one project to it, reconnected to Dropbox, changed the target folder to the new one and hey presto - the project appeared. Proven the case by moving a few more projects in one by one.
I suspect the problem lies somewhere in the size of those folders with multiple projects in each, each with thousands of files to transfer, I think a time out was happening. I’ll probably never know though!
Thanks for your help.