NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE! (my avatar is missing)

Any idea what happened to my face? * I logged in today, and in place of my smarmy grin next to my postings, the text “User Avatar” has appeared instead. I can’t quite decide if I’m relieved to be rid of the picture, or sad that I might have to edit another picture down the jpg dimensions required by the forum software.

*Yes, I know that’s practically an invitation for abuse, but then again, I do frequent these boards almost every day; I must have a predilection for such treatment. :smiling_imp:

… and now it’s back.

My apologies.

Vic seems to be suffering the same malady.

I had a terrible time getting up my avatar. I am replying to see if I got it up as in Profile all I see is a broken image icon.

Apology accepted.
For both reasons.

I have a question (maybe a really stupid question) but how to I get an avatar?

When I click on “user control panel” and there on “profile”, I can get to “edit avatar”, but don´t find a way to upload one. I see an option to enter a off-site link, but even when I do that, no picture is loaded.

I would like to add the picture from my computer directly, instead of somewhere online, but don´t know how to do that.


I poked around in my own settings, and I can’t figure it out either. At one point, I uploaded the photo using the interface in the User Control Panel, but I don’t see any options for doing that.

Thanks, it´s good to know, I´m not the only one :smiley:

I shared my avatar using DropBox and then linked to it there.

I tried that just now. Atm, it says, that there is an avatar, but it´s not showing. I will see, if it appears later.

Not sure, but looking at the file name…


…it might be worth trying without the umlaut on the U, and getting rid of the full-stop after “lat”. It might be that server sees the first “.” and then tries to read “forum” as the file-type suffix rather than “jpg”.

The picture is clearly there on Dropbox and at 80x67px (EDIT: this number previously said 86x67. That was my error. Thanks to @pigfender in the post below for letting me know.) and only 2kb it is well within dimension limits.

It won’t even load as an image within this post, although other avatars will; and it won’t even show up in a [URL] container in this post.


NOM’s - which is also hosted on Dropbox


Dear Briar Kit,

I tried that. I open my original picture on my laptop. Saved it under a different name again with no “ü” and not space between the word and number (not just renamed it, I mean), uploaded that to dropbox and still nothing as far as I can see.

Thanks for the help, anyway.

Sarah Meral

err… 86x67 isn’t within forum limits. 80x80.

Hello Sarah

I apologise if I have gone too far, but I have copied your image to my dropbox account to see if I could make it work.

If I place the image in the top level of Dropbox, it will not show up on the forum (you should see a broken place holder the after the colon):

However, if I copy the image to my public folder, then right click it and choose “Copy public link” and use that URL then it is visible on the forum:

Have you got the image in the top level of your Dropbox account, or is it in the public folder?

Temporarily, you can try linking to the copy image in my Dropbox’s public folder:

If that works, make sure your image is in your Dropbox’s public folder and create a new link to it.

Fingers crossed

Briar Kit

Apologies. My typo. Should have said 80x67. Have rectified the error in the post above.

Actually it´s 80x67. I couldn´t get it to 80x80, because wasn´t sqaure from the beginning.

If it has to be square, I have to search for another picture.

Not at all. Thank you very much. I hadn´t thought about that. Will try it now and let you know then.

I can see you’ve got it working. And the note from @pigfender was down to my typo. Your image was the right size. I wrote 86 rather than 80. Apologies.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

And no problem about the typo :slight_smile:

Glad it works.

I’ll delete your image immediately from my Dropbox account, of course.

Briar Kit