Not using folders as chapters

I haven’t been using folders as chapters–rather the text documents are my chapters. See my Binder below. Could this be a problem when compiling for ebooks? And is there a simple way to change the documents to folders? Note that I have over 100 chapters.
Screenshot 2016-06-19 23.13.48.png

I’ve had no trouble with it compiling for ebook, but if you’re concerned about formatting, you can right-click on a document (in the binder) and see a Convert to Folder option.

I’m not sure that Kawasaki is helped by converting the chapters to folders. As I understand it he’d like the individual text documents to be contained in individual chapter-folders. The easiest (“easy, easy” he still have to repeat it 100 times …) way to do this that I can think of, is to go to the document in the binder, hit Return, hit Cmd-C, Right Click, chose the Group option, hit Cmd-V to give the folder the same name as the text document, and then repeat …

Going back to the initial question: will having chapters in documents cause a problem on compile to ebook?

The answer is no. There is no need to have chapters as folders or in folders.

I concur; there’s nothing gained by converting anything to a folder. If you want to split a chapter into multiple scenes, it gets a little more complicated; you’d want to indent the scene document(s) under the first scene document of a chapter. That turns the first document’s icon into a stack of pages icon, which is treated differently in the default compile settings than either folders or single documents.

It’s fairly easy to modify the compile settings to treat “document stacks” just like single documents (select the single document icon rows in Formatting for level 1, then use CMD-c to copy all settings and CMD-v to paste those settings onto the “document stack” level 1 row). Not sure why that isn’t part of the default compile settings for the “Novel” templates and compile presets in the first place…

If you don’t need anything special from Scrivener with regards to scene documents though, then there’s nothing more to be done regarding your chapter documents.