note blocks in cork board


Lovely piece of software. I’ve been up all night looking at different softwares and landed softly here :slight_smile:

One suggestion based on my trawl thru other softwares. (Sorry if this exists in some form and i’ve not seen it yet.)

There is a feature in this win software - well it seems the main selling point of it actually

…that you can organise a whole lot of note ‘blocks’ and drag and drop and re-organise edit within etc. From what i’ve seen cork board notes can’t be directly edited on the cork board.

Could the cork board functionality be expanded to display sets of notes that could be directly edited and manipluated on the corkbaord so you could in effect add the whole premise of the writersblock software here. Maybe with a different coloured cork board for the notes as opposed to the the synopsis cards. Or maybe add this a separate piece of functionality away from the cork board so the notes can be dropped into the main text as required.

With the split screen functionality here it would be the icing on this scrivener cake i am hoping to fully consume in the days to come.

Like I said, maybe I need to get to know the software more and with splitting texts this can be achieved already and i just have to get familiar with it.

Kudos hombre

You might want to try running through the tutorial, if you haven’t already. It is located in the Help menu. I think what you are asking for is already there! It depends on what you mean by “notes.” In Scrivener, an object in the Binder has a Synopsis, Notes, and Text area. The text area is where you put the actual material that goes into the book. Synopsis, of course, can be a short summary of that. Notes is a free-form area where you can jot down ideas for the section, store deleted text, or whatever you wish.

Scrivener lets you temporarily “merge” many documents at once, so you can view all of their text content as if it were a single file. This sounds roughly like what you are requesting. This feature is called “Edit Scrivenings.”

You can edit Synopsis in corkboard view. Double-click to edit. Note, when editing this way, to insert a new paragraph you’ll need to press Opt-Enter.

Double-click on index cards in the corkboard to edit. As Amber says, please do go through the tutorial provided.


Yes with some thought and a little time to try I can see that it’s all here. The visual rep at the win software of the blocks looks like it might help a bit with connecting and creating ideas, but the functionality exists in scrivrnings I can see now. And as i get familiar with it it will as much as, if not more, act as a juicer than the win one.

Future comments I hope will be of a matured user.

Thanks so much again. Just being able to have all my work in this one place organised like this is a like a breath of fresh hair through the whole thing, not to say also envigorating. I used to have about 20 pages arranged on an old kitchen table and purse them while I was working on the next bit.

My problem now is I was going to sell my Mac…and nooooo way is that happening now:)



Ywanna be careful that meow doesnt turn in to a [color=darkred][size=150]GGRRRR!! ROOAARRR![/size]! :imp:

Well, maybe you can just sell the old kitchen table. :slight_smile: