Note Card Appears That Wasn't Created. Can't Delete

I just downloaded the demo version, and have been using it heavily (many hours) over the past couple days. Each time I used it a note card appeared in Corkboard view that I didn’t create. I can’t move or delete it. I CAN however edit the text in it. The note card is always on top, and appears in Corkboard view throughout my project, regardless which folder or note I click on. If I quit Scrivener and relaunch, it disappears.

Scrivener v1.03
Mac OS X v10.4.10
PowerMac G4 1.5GHz
1.25GB RAM

Could you please provide a screenshot or some such? This sounds highly bizarre.

Hi Keith. As fate would have it, I experienced this twice within the first couple days of using Scrivener. Now that you’ve asked for a screen shot, it hasn’t happened again. :confused: I’ll send you a shot if it continue to experience it.

Thanks. I do vaguely remember some similar bug some time back that I fixed, but I can’t remember if that was present in 1.03 (in which case it may be what you were seeing) or earlier (in which case what you were seeing is something new).

I’m glad things seem to be working fine now, though.

All the best,