Note numbers disappear - help please

Hello, I am trying to convert an essay into Word 97-2004 (.doc) format but all the numbers for the notes disappear - the note text appear at the end of the document, but both there and in the main text the note reference number is missing! What can I do? Thank you

Scrivener doesn’t number endnotes or footnotes in the editor while you work, it will either do that, or insert tokens to have it done when the file is opened in a word processor, upon export. So that part of what you are asking about is just normal behaviour. I would suggest reading up on how notation is done in Scrivener, in the user manual under Chapter 18, Annotations and Footnotes.

As to the rest, I’m not quite clear on what you are describing. Perhaps the original document was not formatted using actual endnotes, but some other feature of Word that our importer doesn’t support. You could try saving as RTF from Word and then importing that. Generally speaking that’s a higher quality approach anyway.

As I read the OP, the note indices in the text are missing when she opens the .doc in Word. I think it much better and more reliable to compile to RTF and open that in Word, to let Word do the conversion to .doc/.docx. That said, I am no expert on Word having given it up with the demise of v. 5.1a, but I have a long history of sending Word users RTF files, including files with footnotes and annotations, and there has never been any problem with them.


Thank you for the attention. Just to be more precise: I wrote my essay using Scrivener, and when I compile into PDF it shows perfectly, with footnotes (and foot note numbers etc).
When I compile it into Word (.doc) the notes appear like Endnotes (I can live with that) but the note numbers are missing both in the text and in the note list - which is really weird. Same if I compile into RTF.

Okay, sorry for reading you backwards. :slight_smile: I would check in the RTF Compatibility compile option pane and make sure Flatten footnotes and comments into regular text is disabled, at the top of the pane. This option is for programs that do not properly read endnotes or footnotes. That wouldn’t ordinarily cause the numbers to disappear however.

If that is disabled, then go over the options in the Footnotes & Comments pane and make sure they are all what you expect. It sounds like it from your print test things are okay, but maybe there is an odd selection for numbering that is messing up Word? Also do you have another word processor to double-check with, like LibreOffice? It would be worth doing so to check if the problem is with Word settings rather than anything Scrivener is doing.