Note on top of another note – is it possible?

Both notes are images. When I drag one into another, it creates a connection. But I don’t want a connection, just want to combine two images.

Is it possible?

Many thanks.

I do not know what you mean by “combine two images”, but Scapple doesn’t have any kind of image editing software built into it, that is the sort of thing you would need to create a composite of two pictures.

Sorry for being unclear.

No, it has nothing to do with image editing. When you drag several files from Finder into Scapple, they remain all together, one on top of the other, without being connected. I want the same effect. Is it possible?

Here is the screenshot:

Two notes, one covers the other one, but they are not connected. How to achieve it?

actually ii have tried to do the same thing, until now i don’t find any solutions for this.

nexus 6p case

When you drag the second image over (or under) the first, just make sure your cursor is not over the image. In the example you posted, you could click on the larger image (the one at the back) and drag it where behind the smaller image. As long at the cursor doesn’t “touch” the smaller image, they will just rest one under the other.

It might work in some cases, when both notes are more or less the same size, but I need one smaller note to be dragged right in the middle of a bigger note (so that the big one would be all around the smaller one).

Drag the big note behind the little one. Done! :smiley:
(if the big note covers the little one, send it to the back)

You are a genius. Thanks!

Awww… :blush:

[size=85]…may I quote you on that? [/size]