Note taking, Calendar, Export, and More

Howdy. I am a long time Mac user (1990), but always as hobby but with serious writing projects. In the last five months I began a new job, in which my new MBP is my main computer, and I travel 80% of the time. I have to integrate my calendar with several others (none of us are in same location) so we have used Google Calendars. For our purposes that works well.

However, with three different responsibilities, I have to begin taking notes relative to phone calls, travel, meetings, as well as additional writing projects. I would like to be able to export notes (with the dates) for others to reference, but only specific dates/phone conversations, due to confidentiality.

What application(s) would work in this? I have iCal/mail, and then for word processing I have Nisus Writer Pro, Mellel, NeoOffice, iWork 08, and, of course, Scrivener. But I haven’t figured out a convenient way to get all the elements to work together.

I am open to other ideas, applications, hints, etc. I have just downloaded MacJournal to see if it might meet some of these needs.

Have you looked into perhaps using Backpack or Basecamp? A more centralised database of tools like this, complete with calendar, notes, file storage and so on might be better suited (and easier) than trying to figure out how to make many disparate apps talk to one another.

I’m not sure about Backpack, but certainly in Basecamp you can also have collaborators, but limit what they’re able to see, which sounds like what you’re after.

Thanks, I will take a look.

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Google Docs, or Google Notes might do it - I’m not sure how configurable the permissions are.

Another alternative is an online wiki, such as PBWiki. Free and you can set permissions for each page. Of course it’s also a wiki so will build up a central, editable mass of data.