Note-taking: Notational Velocity ALT 2.0 Now Out

For those who use Notational Velocity (Mac) for note-taking, either alone or synched with Simplenote (iPhone), the enhanced fork of NV, NVALT, just released version 2.0.

Among other things, it includes a handy MultiMarkdown preview window. Type in MMD code in the text window and the result appears in the preview window. You can even save properly formatted HTML code from the preview window.

Here’s a description of NV/Simplenote (Mac to iPhone) synching via Simplenote servers or DropBox: … d-like-wo/

And if you want to synch with Dropbox rather than using Simplenote’s servers, you can find the details here: … th-dropbox

For now, I’m sticking with Simplenote’s servers since they work well enough. I plan to use Dropbox for PlainText, TaskPaper & WriteRoom synching because they benefit from being able to put files in different Dropbox folders. The NV/Simplenote combo has a clever way of managing files that doesn’t require using folders. Two synching schemes, I figure, are safer than one.


many thanks, I’m a user of NV, but didn’t know about NValt - just downloaded & installed, it looks very nice (fullscreen, colours, and so on)