Notebooks and...?

I have some project notes that I’d like to sync between my Mac and my iPad/iPhone - originally in Circus Ponies Notebook, but I don’t really like the interface.

I’ve tried Evernote, but its lack of nested documents annoys me, as does the subscription model for offline mobile access. I already have Scrivener (obviously) and Alfons Schmidt’s Notebooks, which I use together to sync the draft of my novel-in-progress, so I was wondering about the possibility of using Notebooks as a replacement for Evernote, since it has the ability to add inline images and draw sketches.

The important thing is that I need to be able to easily create Notebooks-compatible files that I can put into Dropbox and sync with the iPad - a lot of my research is done on the desktop, not on the iPad, which will be used mainly for reference. However the files need to be editable on the iPad as if I’d created them in Notebooks, in case I have further comments, etc.

Can I do this via Scrivener, or would another application be better/necessary?

Currently there are only workarounds. I am using for reference/research/notes now pdf files which I save in Dropbox, I try to have overview on mac with DT by indexing them, I edit them on mac in preview and on Ipad with e.g. Notability.

(For writing I had tried Notbooks but had issues with lack of good search function and keyboard extension and interface usability in general, I am very happy with Daedalus now, but quitted using scrivener for other things than compiling for submission because of difficult dropbox sync with more than 1 project)

I agree with you on evernote, but I am using it for unspecific stuff, the iOS version has lots of severe bugs.

Thanks for the tips. It looks like Notability is my best option for now - and it’s on 80% discount this week! :slight_smile: