Notebooks for iPhone

Forum users have expressed much interest in a good note-taking program that runs on the iPhone and transfers files to a Mac for use in Scrivener. In fact, we probably should have a main topic on this subject.

Here’s the latest candidate: a review in MacWorld for Notebooks, which looks like a good note-taker on the fly. … c=rss_main

I have purchased TextGuru, Syncbooks, WriteRoom and Notebooks (all for the iPhone/iPodTouch).
Notebooks suits my needs best. It may not be as elegant as WriteRoom but has the functionality and stability that is necessary for me as somebody who makes his meager living by writing. It supports copy and paste, allows searching, syncs to my MacBook, even lets me view pdf, html, word-files. The developer, Alfons Schmid, is very responsive and has promised a desktop version of his app so syncing should become even easier.

TextGuru is unstable and not supported any more. Ditto for SyncBooks. And as to WriteRoom: I love anything that Hogbay Software brings forth – only here the limitations are too grave. Syncing is a pain in the neck, there are no folders, there is no copy and paste, there is no searching.