Notecard text w/ <CR> & Lists?

When outlining in Scrivener and filling in index cards (“tiles”?), I could really use the ability to insert carriage returns and tabs and such, basic 8-bit text, so I can write indented lists of the events in each chapter. Forget tabs. Carriage returns would be nice.

For e.g.
Protagonist is spotted by Antagonist

  1. Reflexively Antagonist freezes upon seeing Protagonist step from car.
  2. How much time left?
  3. Car driven away by valet.
  4. Guards speak over hand radios

and, like that.

Option-Return does a carriage return in the synopsis in the Outline window.


P.S. The index card in the binder takes returns also, but you probably knew that.

Opt-Return will insert the carriage return in the synopsis in the corkboard or outliner (and to the title in corkboard, outliner, and binder); you can also change the Return key behaviour in the Navigation preferences so that it alone will insert a new line rather than ending editing. Within the inspector and the synopsis finder, Return always adds a new line to the synopsis, regardless of the navigation preference setting.

A note: The binder has no capacity to show the synopsis (the text on an index card); only the titles. The Inspector is where you will find the synopsis for a selected document.

Point. Edited my previous post for clarification.

Thank you all for your kind & helpful responses to my stupid question. Geez, I’m such a newb!


Here we just call it ‘fresh’. Welcome to the capacious world of Scrivener.


Aye, welcome! It’s a common question. :wink: Also, I forgot the tab part of your request, but you can enter tabs in the same manner, using Opt+Tab.