I love the notecards feature. It really lets me see my scenes and how they progress through my novel. However, I’d love to be able to label them better, maybe have more than one label option? Although being able to create whatever labels I want is fabulous (I’ve gotten rid of chapter/scene and put in different POVs depending on from whose POV the scene is written). The first draft, revised draft, to do label would be great if it didn’t obscure the writing on the card itself. Could that be a note at the bottom of the card (in red) instead of slashing across the card making it impossible to read? I’d love to have that information there, but can’t read under the label.
And I, too, was having trouble moving scenes around in the left hand column. The easiest way to do it without messing anything up is in the cork-board view.

I second this. The ability to apply more than one label to a card would be really useful.

BTW, Merryb, you can change the colour and opacity of the status stamps in the Options menu. That’d prevent them from hiding the text on the cards.

Just found that. Thanks! This is going to take some fooling around with to find everything I want. :smiley:

Merry - this thread may help? Amber V’s posted a screenshot of what’s coming (in a little time). Hope it helps.