Anyone have any experience with Notekata for iPad. Very basic, but seems very Scrivener-ish.

Not a bad start, but other note-taking apps are far ahead of it.
The interface copies PlainText.
Only export option is e-mail.
I could not set a default font or background.
It does allow bold, italic, and underscore, but not by keyboard command.
No spell-check or auto-suggest.
No web site input, no saving to DropBox or other sync servers.

I still prefer PlainText or SimpleNote,
Especially the latter’s integration with Notational Velocity.
And EverNote for compiling a greater variety of file types.
(Springpad is an interesting new variant on the notebook app.)

I’ve lost count of the number of note-takers for iPad.
Why, I wonder, do so many developers go for that category?

Yep. And task managers. Half of the apps under the productivity tab have checkmark icons.