Notes/Corkboard Key Missing After Scrivener Update

Hello there! With Camp NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow, I thought I’d dig out an old project to work on, one that hasn’t been touched since December. When I opened Scrivener (Windows OS) today, it prompted for an update. After it downloaded and installed, though I noticed an issue. :C

The “older” version of Scrivener had a small split window on the right hand side that I always used for notes while writing (jotting down important names and places so I wouldn’t forget them), and while in the corkboard mode it used to show the key for which chapters and sections were “first draft” etc. This new version had no such options, or I can’t figure out how to get them back. Can anyone help?

Hi, kiriux, and welcome to the forum!

You you perhaps mean the Inspector panel? Try Ctrl-Shift-I to see if it helps.

Pressing F10 should bring back the status field to the corkboard, but apparently it’s only working for folders now. I’m pretty sure it worked for files too. Maybe L&L changed something about this on the last update?

Thank you thank you thank you! <3 Both of your solutions worked. <3

F10 (View > Corkboard Options > Status Stamps) toggles displaying an item’s status on its corkboard card and should work for both folders and files. Maybe the items you’re looking at have no status set? Or if you happen to have image synopses showing, they can make the status stamp difficult to see.