Notes, footnotes, comments & annotations!

Hi, I’m getting confused about notes, footnotes, comments and annotations! I can see how to export or compile footnotes, annotations, and comments. However, what I cannot see is what I want to do: export or compile notes in the Inspector: that’s to say, notes written in the pane below the Synopsis. I’ve hunted through the menus, the manual, and the forum, and experimented with compile options, without success. It has to be easy, right?


It’s a bit tucked away, but you can indeed export the contents of the Notes pane. Here is where to go:

  1. Fire up Compile, and right-click on the Format you are using in the left sidebar to edit it (duplicating if necessary).
  2. In the Section Layouts pane you’ll find a list of all the layouts available to this format. If you simply want notes for everything, then hold down the Option key and click on any of the checkboxes in the Notes column. For a more surgical application, you would want to reference which Layout is used for the type of item that should include notes and only check the boxes on those layouts.

Thanks, Amber. Yes, that is a bit tucked away!

And I’m still not getting it right. I’ve edited the format to print only notes (see attached image). But instead when I compile I get the text! What am I missing?

EDIT: Got it! The “As Is” section layout was assigned (by default I suppose).

Learning slowly… :slight_smile: