Notes Format, Location Cut-off, Customisable

Hi Keith. I believe the following are bugs. I discovered them during some heavy Scrivener use last week. Hope these descriptions are helpful.

DOCUMENT NOTES: Format sticks with pasted text after undo, unless you click on another doc, then come back. Example: I paste some formatted text that is centered into the doc notes. I don’t want it centered, so I undo and say paste and match style. It is stuck with the style from the last paste (CENTERED), unless I select a different doc, then come back to the original one.

DISPLAY LOCATION: If I mouse over a document in search results, because I want to know where that doc is located as I need to move it in my flow, the mouseover tip that contains the path can get cut off to the left side of the screen if my cursor is too far to the left in the document name.

TYPO: I believe the word “customisable” in the help file should be spelled “customizable”.


Thanks for the report. As it turns out, none are (Scrivener) bugs, though…

This is because the typing attributes have changed. You’ll see the same thing in TextEdit, and Scrivener uses the same text engine.

The tooltips just use Apple OS X methods, so this is Apple code, I’m afraid - there’s nothing I can do to change where tooltips appear.

I’m English… And thus the Help files thus use English spellings, as does the website. If I had a penny for every time someone told me that I’d misspelled something because I’ve used the English spelling instead of the American one, I would be very rich by now… :unamused:

All the best,