Notes in a floating window

Is it possible (in Scrivener 2.1), if yes, how?

That depends on what you mean. Notes, as in Project Notes? Then you can have a window for those. Use Project/Project Notes.... The menu item was moved in 2.1 to be in a more logical place.

If your main question was how to float the window though, make it active and use Window/Float Window.

Notes, as in text items in your Binder? In that case use QuickReference panels. Click on the item, press the Spacebar, and there you go. If they don’t float by default, then use Window/Float QuickReference Panels.

What I mean: Is it possible to open the notes associated with a document (i.e. the notes you see in the inspector) in a floating window, just like you can with the project notes? If it’s not, that is a feature I wish for.

Not directly, but as adjunct to the QuickReference panel, yes. With the panel open for that document, use the drop-down menu in the lower-right to select Notes.

Ok, thanks, that should work.