Notes in iOS Scrivener?

Hi, I’m trying to use my iPad more for writing, and have synced it with my laptop. One thing though, I can’t find where my notes from my windows version of Scrivener are when I’m using my iPad. Is that functionality not available on the iPad? I have a lot of notes I jotted down in my windows version, but for the life of me, I can’t find the notepad function on my iPad. Any help on this would br greatly appreciated.

Yes, there is an inspector in the iOS version as well. On the iPad, it can be viewed as a sidebar on the left side, temporarily replacing the binder listing. Tap the ‘i’ button in the header bar while viewing an item to open it up. You should find your notes there. On an iPhone there is no space for a sidebar like that, but you can still call up the inspector with the button. You can also access the inspector from the binder listing with a long tap on the item you wish to inspect.

If you mean project notes, that’s a little different in the iOS version. It doesn’t have Project Notes as a feature, because that feature is being transitioned to a “Bookmark” system in version 3. Bookmarks (at the top level of the binder) are a way of keeping project notes on iOS, and in the future that will be better integrated with your projects on the PC.

Thanks Amber, yes, I was (am) referring specifically to Project Notes. I used them a lot in my desktop version, and am very frustrated NOT to have them in my ios (iPad) version.

Is that functionality available in version 3 for ios yet? I’m not upgrading until it is, It’s one feature that I found VERY useful in my desktop version, and have been VERY frustrated not to have it available on my ipad.

Yeah, part of the awkwardness of Project Notes being in their own self-contained bubble, rather than being a full part of the project that you could export, edit in the main viewers, sync with iOS, etc., is what instigated looking into a change for how they worked. If you want to read more about the idea behind the adjustments, check out this blog post.

I’m referring to version 3 for Windows (there is no such thing yet for iOS, we’re still at 1.x), which is currently in public beta, and has the described system implemented at this point. They work just like Project Notes do right now—only with everything else that binder items can do tacked on as well.

Otherwise, like I say, start using the Bookmarks feature in iOS to keep track of notes that you want readily available. You’ll get a jump start on how things work in the beta, when it is launched, or if you choose to adopt it early. In your current version, iOS Bookmarks work like Favorites do (check out the Documents menu). And in fact if you favourite a binder item on the PC it will show up in the Bookmark list on iOS. So take advantage of that, maybe start moving your project notes over to binder files that are marked that way.