Notes Indicator

I can’t remember if there was a way to do this, and searching hasn’t provided any way, but is it possible to see if a card has notes? You know how the icon changes if a card has text in the summary, or in its body? Is there a way to indicate if the card also has notes, without having to click on every card to check? Maybe something in outliner?

If there isn’t, I’d like to request this feature. I actually think I might have requested this feature already. If so, I’d like to double-down on the request. :slight_smile:

There is currently no way of doing that, but we will be adding a way to search for items with notes (or indeed, to isolate content by all types of available searching constraints—for example, you could find all items that have a status set). If you click on the magnifying glass icon in the search tool you’ll see you can constrain the search to Notes, which is the Document Notes sidebar content. What we’ll be adding is the ability to search for asterisk to find anything with content, thus only those documents that have content typed into the Document Notes sidebar will be returned.