Notes not available MAC to Ipad

I have a Text created with Scrivener Mac including a lot of research notes, the doc is stored in my Dropbox folder. If I open it with Scrivener IOS I can’t find a single note.
The highlighted markers for the notes are there but the inspector window section for notes is empty. I need some help, please…

You must use the additional keyboard row and make sure you use the footnote tool (cf) in the formatting section.
Then, click on the highlighted word (or text) and click on the (cf) key, you’ll see you footnote, and be able to edit or delete it.

You are used to looking into the Inspector area on your Mac for i) inspector comments, ii) inspector footnotes and iii) document notes.

But in ios Scriv, the Inspector area is the place to look only for (iii).

To see (i) or (ii), press and hold on the marked body text. On the contextual option bar that pops up, tap on whichever of ‘comment’ or ‘footnote’ appears on that bar. This opens a window to see and edit your note.


Hello everyone,

I just dowloaded Scrivener for iPad from the AppStore. It seems like the way in which footnotes are displayed makes it difficult to get a clean and simple overview of the whole document. I’m a researcher, which means I probably use more footnotes than other writers. It is important for me to be able to view them as I read the text (as you can in the desktop version). Is there anyone else who has this problem and/or might there be a chance of changing this (adding an option) in a future version of Scrivener for iOS?