Notes not Connecting

When I create 2 notes, drag one over the other to connect them, the dotted line is not showing. In the menu options it states that the nodes are connected and can be disconnected.

Also, when I hold down the Alt button, drag on top of another note, rather than connecting with an arrow, it simply duplicates the initial note on top of the note.

The software was working fine without any problems. It is properly working with my sister’s Mac, but not mine. Any solutions?


When you drag a note over another note, do you see any kind of visual effect? What you should be seeing is the target note you are hovering over being highlighted dimly—similar to if you add a background fill colour to it. Meanwhile, when holding Opt/Alt, the green ‘+’ mouse pointer badge will disappear once you’re hovering over another note. Lastly, the mouse pointer should transform into a little curvy arrow (which you may recognise as the “Alias” arrow from Finder, if you are familiar with that) in all cases.

Would it be possible to attach a sample .scap file that has two notes that claim to be connected in the menu, but have no visible connection? I have attached my own sample, I wonder if you could download that and see if the connections are visible in it.
14141777-Scap-sample_connections.scap (4.11 KB)

It behaves properly during everything, whether I’m duplicating a note or just connecting them.

In any case, your attachment showed the lines, but mine still doesn’t. and here it is. Although, when I look at it through QuickPreview, it shows the dotted lines. Just when I open it the lines disappear.

If I recall properly, it happened when I chose the menu option “New Connected Note” I think I chose left… but not sure afterwards. And I have tried all the things that can be tried… Resetting to defaults, re-installing scapple (although I didn’t remove the preference files)… checked all settings available to me… I might be blind to one thing… but hey.

Thanks for the reply, and your help on this matter.
agency.scap (7.28 KB)

Okay, I see what is happening. I opened the Inspector’s “Document” tab and clicked the “Clear” button for the default text colour to reset it back to black, and the connection between “External” and “Agency Daily Tasks” became visible again. The problem is that the default colour was white, which was only barely visible against the light beige background. Selecting a slightly different combination of defaults should solve the visibility problem.