Notes on Webarchive

Scrivener is very confortable through having many different types of files at the same place, like website, which they are used to be a real source of information for the project.

But websites contain a lot information; so it’s very difficult to find which information is important for the project.

It would be very confortable to be able to add some notes inside the webarchive.

The same function could be available for the pdf files; currently it’s possible to get some marks at the different places, using the external software (Preview or Acrobat). To haven’t to do this with an external software, get Scrivener more powerful

This should already be possible. Every object in your Binder has a note field dedicated to it, even folders (well, the exception are the three special folders you can’t delete, for example you can’t annotate your Trash folder :wink: ). Click the blue ‘i’ button in the main toolbar to reveal the Inspector, and then set the inspector pane to Document Notes (the first tab, with a notebook icon).

If one needs more detailed notation, perhaps interleaved with the content itself, then the best approach is to turn either of these document formats into something a bit less static (or to put it another way, a format that doesn’t require a hugely complicated editor/viewer to be built from scratch, rather than just using the freely available viewers that every Mac program has access to). This is easily done in Scrivener, you can convert both .webarchive and .pdf files to text, using the Documents/Convert/Convert to Text. Do note that is a lossy conversion of course, so you may want to duplicate and then convert if the original layout and so forth is important to you. Now it is a text document, with all of the powers text files have in Scrivener.

Or if you need the original file, consider using dedicated editing software on these files. The Documents/Open/in External Editor command will do just what you think, and give you a dedicated editing environment to work in (assuming there is such a thing for WebArchive, I’m not sure how mutable that format is).