_notes.rtf file


Excuse me please if this topic is covered somewhere - but I can’t find it. What is contained in an ID_notes.rtf file in the docs folder? I ask because I had one become unreadable and when I tried to restore it, it appeared to have become all Chinese characters. I had to delete it in the end so I was just wondering what I might have lost. I notice that a few of my IDs in the docs folder have _notes.rtf files as well as the ‘bare’ ID.rtf but the majority don’t but I still can’t figure how I might have created the _notes files.

Thanks in advance
PS I took the plunge and bought Scrivener (from an earlier posting) and look forward to more of the MAC features in due course.

If by “ID” you mean a number like 12_notes.rtf, then that’s probably the Document Notes contents for the corresponding document file. There should also be corresponding synopsis.txt files if you’ve entered any synopses for your documents. If you’re not aware, when you create a new document in the binder, it gets a coresponding 234.rtf file or similar numbered document. Internally, Scrivener always refers to that document with the number, no matter how you change the name in the binder, or if you move it to the trash. There are also multiple Project Notes that it might have come from. I don’t delve into the project structure very often, so I’m only vaguely aware of the naming conventions inside the project, but I think that about sums up where the notes.rft file came from.

Thank you Robert.
I did mean the ID to mean a number and having seen your explanation I found where I had created another brief test document note whilst I was assessing Scrivener. I’d forgotten that, so couldn’t make the connection.

The notes file that Scrivener couldn’t read as it was all graphic characters is a bit worrying though as one day I might have something important that I would not want to delete.

Thanks again for your most helpful response.