Notes won't drop into Draft

I’m trying to drag and drop a note form Scapple to Scrivener(Ver.
There is no problem in importing a note into Research, but when I drop a note into Draft, nothing happens.
I think it is a good idea to import a Scapple note in Research first, do some refinements, and then move it into Draft secondly. But is it the way Scapple is meant to work? Or, should I be able to move a note directly into Draft?

Scapple notes should be able to drag and drop to the Draft folder directly, but changes in Scrivener 1.7 are preventing this at the moment. It’s on our list to address in a Scrivener update. (As a side note, 1.7.3 is the latest version–you can use Help > Check for Updates to grab it.)

Has this been addressed yet? I can see that the post is around 7 - 8 months old.

I am running Scrivener 1.8.6 (Win) and it is still not possible to drag notes into the Draft folder.

Kind regards, Morten Bracker

Sorry for the late response. We haven’t been able to resolve the issue yet, but it is still on the priority list. Until we’re able to address the problem, you should still be able to drag the items to anywhere else in the binder, then move the items into the Draft.