Notes won't move

I have an intermittent problem where the notes will no longer be dragable but can still be moved with the arrow keys to move notes option. Should have called the topic, ‘Notes Won’t Drag’ - sorry. The Scapple window itself is still dragable and dragging still works on other apps on the computer. I run win8.0 (can’t upgrade to 8.1) on a computer with two graphics cards driving two screens (nVidia crossfire turned off). Scapple can work fine for a few hours then stop responding to mouse drags or it can happen immediately on opening the software. Video drivers are up to date as are all windows patches (apart from upgrading to 8.1).

Problem first happened while watching an iTunes movie on the other screen. Closing and reopening Scapple did not fix it. It appears to affect all files even a brand new one. Uninstall/reinstall did not fix the issue. A computer reboot does fix it though. Since then it happens reasonably frequently, the common denominator seems to be video content. Watching you-tube, iTunes, playing a steam game, watching a DVD and even going afk and letting the screensaver run for a while all seem to trigger the lockup. Even some websites that run embedded ads with video/flash content sometimes triggers it. Using Task Manager to make sure flash is closed down (some websites seem to spawn a flash instance that won’t close itself even when the website is closed) does not resolve the issue.

Really annoying but nevertheless I love Scapple so much I bought the full version even though I had this problem frequently while using the trial too. Intermittent bugs are the worst - good luck :slight_smile:

More information, things get weirder.

  1. I’ve now noticed that when notes become un-dragable in Scapple things also won’t drag in Scriviner. All other software still allows dragging though (mostly tested in MS Office apps, steam games, non-steam games).
  2. I’ve kept Scapple going for hours after notes become undragable now (never did before, always closed the program) and sometimes the notes become dragable again. So it’s an intermittent problem that sometimes fixes itself!