i opened a project for the first time on windows and got a number of surprises.

  1. I got a message saying, I think, that my project notes had for some reason been converted into bookmarks. I was unaware of having any project notes - don’t even know how to create one. There are a lot of documents in the project with the word ‘Notes’ in the title, if that matters.
  2. There were several files in a conflict folder. What they conflicted with i dont know since it was the first time they were opened on Windows and I have done umpteen syncs on Ipad since i started using Windows. It is just possible these were historical but as i have used Ipad exclusively for months (project also exists on Mac) it seems strange.
    Number 2 is possibly my own doing but i mention it in case it mirrors other reports.
    Number 1 is beyond me, as ihave never used notes or bookmarks.
  1. The message is only for information. Scrivener v1 always contains at least one project note, even if empty. Its contents and all other project notes from Scrivener v1 have been moved into the Project Bookmarks section. This message is only for information purposes.

  2. Scrivener v3 is checking the project contents folder for external unexpected files, which are not referenced from the software in any way. Scrivener v1 did not do this. Because of this you might get a message on opening your project with Scrivener v3 for the very first time. If you want to trace this further, please send a private message with a archived copy of your project attached, if you think some files are part of the project, but have been removed.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t get any message about notes when I opened a previous Mac/ios project in S3. The project in question had never been opened on windows before. Created on iOS from a Mac original. I’ve a few more to go so I’ll check them carefully and see if there’s a repeat.