Nothing happening on Scrivener for iPad

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Scrivener on both my iMac and my new iPad, but nothing is uploading/downloading on my iPad, even though Dropbox says everything is synced. I’ve unlinked and re-synced all to no avail. I use the same Dropbox account on both devices, and am getting increasingly frustrated because all I want to do is use Scrivener on my iPad. Both versions of Scrivener are up to date, too. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you tried to reset the sync cache in Settings -> Scrivener on your iPad?

No luck!

And the iPad is definitely looking in the same Dropbox folder?

Absolutely.I only have the one Dropbox folder.

You probably don’t only have one Dropbox folder.

Unless you have deliberately changed the default settings, Dropbox creates an Apps folder and then a Scrivener folder inside that.

You need to check that Scrivener is looking in Dropbox > Apps > Scrivener for your projects.


… or check into which folder you saved your projects

Thanks Owen - I’ll do what you suggested.

I’ve tried what you suggested, but no luck :confused: When I open Scrivener on my iPad, it looks nothing like it does on my iMac. Could this be a problem?

Here’s what comes up whenever I open Scrivener on my iPad.

If you press the Edit button (top right) you should get a bar at the bottom that contains a cogwheel icon. If you press that you should get a popup that includes Dropbox Settings. If you press that you should see where Dropbox is storing/looking for you projects.

In the default settings this is Dropbox/Apps/scrivener.


Have you done the tutorial?