Nothing happens when updating

Currently I’m on version 1.54 of Scrivener, and haven’t used it in a while. I just started it up, and was greeted with an update notification. This is the update for the paid version of Scrivener 2.0. Well, after going to the website, and noticing all the cool things about the new version, I clicked the Install Update (in the Software Update window). It downloaded the update, and presented me with another window saying Ready to Install, I clicked the Install and Relaunch button. Scrivener then quit, and never reopened. So I started it up from the Application folder, and it’s still version 1.54. I’ve done this 3 times now, and have met with the same result. Something seems to be happening, because I know have copy of Scrivener in the trash.

There’s an error of some kind in the update mechanism in 1.54. The advice of the developer given to posters in other threads is to download and install directly from Since it’s a paid update, you will need a new registration anyhow.