Nothing more than a big "Thank You!"

Just wanted to say thanks so much! My MacBook had a…moment…the other day, causing me to reformat and reinstall Mavericks. I lost everything. One of the lost was Scrivener and the update. Luckily, I still had my disk. Not so luckily, I didn’t have the serial number. Thank you and the kind folks at eSellerate! I was able to retrieve the serial numbers for my original, disk copy and for the update (which is downloading even as we speak. Write. Whatever.). And before anyone can ask, of course I saved a copy of my receipts! As screenshots. On my newly blank computer. “Paperless office” (or home), my rear end. I now have hard copies.

Thank you!

Glad you’re back up and running. Now get thee an external hard drive and start a Time Machine backup! :wink:

I’m glad you have everything sorted, but sorry to hear you had a disaster with your MacBook!

All the best,