Nothing opens

Hey there,

I’ve just installed S3 on my new iMac at home–running High Sierra.

All good.

Now, I’ve just made the mistake (it would seem) of trying to install the same on my older MacBook Pro. I had moved to quick and hadn’t noticed that S3 won’t run on OS 10.7.

It’s no simply matter, either, to get from 10.7 to 10.13 - so I decided to simply remove S3 and reinstall S2 (2.5, specifically, I believe).

I’ve now removed and reinstalled twice–also restarted my computer both times.

All attempts to open my Scrivener file fails. Clicking on them DOES cause Scrivener to open. Once in a while I get the progress bar that seems to show that my file is in the process of opening. Then nothing.

It does not seem to be possible to start a new file, either–something which I experimented, just out of curiosity.

I rely on Scrivener SO heavily. I’m panicking. Please help me.