Nothing opens

Hey there,

I’ve just installed S3 on my new iMac at home–running High Sierra.

All good.

Now, I’ve just made the mistake (it would seem) of trying to install the same on my older MacBook Pro. I had moved too quickly and hadn’t noticed that S3 won’t run on OS 10.7.

It’s no simply matter, either, to get from 10.7 to 10.13 - so I decided to simply remove S3 and reinstall S2 (2.5, specifically, I believe).

I’ve now removed and reinstalled twice–also restarted my computer both times.

All attempts to open my Scrivener files fails. Clicking on them DOES cause Scrivener to open. Once in a while I get the progress bar that seems to show that my file is in the process of opening. Then nothing.

It does not seem to be possible to start a new file, either–something which I experimented with, just out of curiosity.

I rely on Scrivener SO heavily. I’m panicking. Please help me.


Have the files been converted to Scrivener 3 format? If so, you’ll need to convert them back to Scrivener 2 format before Scrivener 2 will be able to open them. Either use the backups that Scrivener 3 created, or use the File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project command in Scrivener 3.

You should install Scrivener 2.9, not Scrivener 2.5. Scrivener 2.5 is not compatible with High Sierra and also uses an older project format than Scrivener 2.9. You can download Scrivener 2.9 here:


No, Katherine. I am trying–and failing–to open my original Scrivener 2 format files using Scrivener 2. I am not attempting to open files that have been converted to Scrivener 3 format.

Also–like I said in my original post, I am not running High Sierra on my lap-top. I’m running OS 10.7.5 (Lion).

That’s what caused this mess in the first place. I installed Scrivener 3 on my new iMac, which is running High Sierra–and all went well.

Without checking the specs, I installed Scrivener 3 on my older laptop. I went to use it and learned that it wouldn’t run on OS 10.7.5. I had (and haven’t) yet figured out how to get from OS 10.7 to 10.13. So I removed Scrivener 3 and reinstalled. Scrivener 2.5. That’s the version I had on before and is the version that runs, as far as I understand it on Lion.

I then tried to open several Scrivener 2 format files on my laptop. Clicking on those would cause Scrivener to open. I would even–sometimes–get the progress bar showing that the file was opening (it would appear very briefly on my screen–but no more briefly than normal, I don’t think). But then, while Scrivener (2) would be open, the file would not be.

It’s also impossible to create a new Scrivener project.

If you review my original post, you’ll see that I’ve just repeated myself, more or less. I am having a hard time understanding how you can have read my post at all, to be honest, given your response.

I don’t mean to be rude–but I really need someone at Literature & Latter/Scrivener to take my situation seriously. I’m not feeling heard right now, at all.

To be clear, I am not trying to open, on my OS 10.7-running laptop, files I’d converted to Scrivener version 3 format on my OS 10.13-running iMac. I’m trying to open projects that I’ve not yet opened (and converted) on my new iMac at all.

Have you opened a support ticket?

That, not this forum, is our primary support venue.

When Scrivener 2.5 fails to open, what happens? Error message? Crash? Spinning pinwheel? Nothing?

Please note that Scrivener 2.5 is not officially supported with Lion. Have you tried installing Scrivener 2.9, which is?


Thanks for all this, Katherine.

I’ve never asked for help like this before–so just jumped into what looked like the first possible entry point for some guidance–which I’ve gotten :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that 2.5 was what I’d had on before as I didn’t recall having ever updated to 2.9–but I must have done. I’ll remove 2.5 and put 2.9 on and see what happens.

Also–to be clear, the issue is not that Scrivener 2.5 won’t open. It does open–when I click on the file that I want to open. Scrivener opens, but the file does not. I don’t know how else to describe it.

For further help I’ll head over to the support venue that you’ve indicated. Cheers.