(nothing serious!) Photos in document notes squeezed

Hi Keith,

this ist just a really teeny tiny thing, and it is probably all about the OSX text system. I like to keep a few small pictures in the documents notes as inspiration. When I write in full screen mode I bring up the Inspector to access those pictures as well. When I exit full screen mode the pictures in the normal inspector (not HUD) are squeezed. It’s nothing serious, and if I navigate to a different document and back again they display just fine again.

Just thought to document this behaviour here.

As always, thank you for your continued support and development of my favourite piece of software ever.


This should be fixed for 2.0. I was resizing those images manually in my own code and then a couple of months ago slapped my forehead when I came across a simple function in the text system which lets it take care of it automatically, so 2.0 uses that more reliable method of resizing.

All the best,