nothing showing up in corkboard in 1.9

In 1.7 I could only see about half of the scenes in the corkboard, and I could never figure out why. Things wouldn’t move any better than I could get them to move in left-nav, which is hit-or-miss. Now nothing is there at all. It’s just a blank brown screen. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is reporting issues along these lines, but I’ve got everything entered in the index cards, and I can’t see what could possibly be preventing the summaries from showing up in corkboard mode. ???

Are you seeing cards, but they’re blank, or are you not seeing cards at all? If the latter, make sure that you’re viewing the folder or document group containing the documents you want to see–the Corkboard shows you the subdocuments of the selected document in the Binder, basically. So if your Binder looks like Folder A containing documents 1, 2, and 3, and document 1 has subdocument 1a, clicking on Folder A in the binder should show cards 1, 2, and 3 in the Corkboard; clicking on document 1 should show card 1a, and clicking on 2 or 3 will show you a blank Corkboard because neither 2 nor 3 contains subdocuments.

Did that make sense or did I just hopelessly confuse things? :neutral_face:

Following up on what MimeticMouton said, if you click on draft in the binder, you should see all the documents and folders in the corkboard view. If you just click on one document in the binder you will have a blank corkboard. When you click on draft do you see anything, or is it still blank?

Oh, okay, sorry… panicked for no reason. :open_mouth: It didn’t seem likely that it was a real bug, since no one else was complaining, but I couldn’t figure out why they had disappeared. And I guess the other question I posted re moving stuff around in the left-nav has to do with whether you check or uncheck “include in draft” in the inspector, which I had assumed you sould sometimes NOT want to check for compile reasons, for example, if a folder was not going to contain text… eg, a folder that was Part I, and was only a container for a bunch of chapters, or a chapter one, which was only a container for a bunch of scenes… ? But apparently you DO want to check these as part of the draft so you can move the folders around on the corkboard and in the left-nav… So it’s part of the draft BINDER, but not part of the draft TEXT, necessarily… :slight_smile:

(the trouble was that I had all the docs loose under draft and not as sub docs)