Noticed a bunch of bugs after downloading Scriviner2

Hi Keith and company,

I have a new bug to report. Actually, I have a bunch of bugs to report.
I just purchased and downloaded Scrivener2 and took a day and a half to work my way through the tutorial. (It’s a very long tutorial! but worth ploughing thru it just to be aware of all the wonderful features available.)

I suppose I should include info about my operating system (which is Mac OS 10.6.5), especially now since Scrivener is cross-platform, although I’m pretty sure these bugs will appear regardless of which system one uses.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce these bugs. There are actually two ways.

The first way: click on Scivener (in the menubar) > About Scrivener, then locate you cursor inside the info box (or, alternatively ‘grab’ the blue scroll button) and scroll down till you see the words ‘Product Website’, then click on the link below it.

The second, EASIER, way: click on Help (in the menubar) and then select / click on ‘Literature & Latte Home’. Then, once the page is loaded, move your cursor around until you see a bunch of little white bugs scurrying diagonally down your computer screen.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. If you put your cursor in the middle of the screen and move it straight up to the top of the screen, then all the little white bugs look less like bugs (though not entirely) and more like little snowflakes that fall to and melt on the bottom of your screen.

Normally the appearance of such bugs (before I realized what they truly were meant to be) wouldn’t have bothered me, but being about to upgrade an application, it made me hesitate and wonder — ever so briefly — “is this upgrade really ready”, to which I immediately replied “pfffhh, this is Keith Blout, he thoroughly tests his product before releasing it for purchase.” Moreover, these bugs only appear on his website, not in the application itself. And, anyway, they are not really bugs, just harmless digital snowflakes with a sometimes sinister appearance.

Merry Christmas, and keep up the good work! :wink:
John MacIsaac

Ha, you had me worried there! The snowflakes should only appear on the main page now - we did go a bit overboard at first and put them on every page, but they should now be limited to just the home page. Anyway, thanks for updating!..

And a very happy Christmas to you too!

All the best,