Notifications in Mountain Lion

Hi there,

I was very pleased to see a really nice update for Mountain Lion and I also noticed that there is support for Notification Centre. However, I’m a little unclear as to what notifications are offered. I’m assuming it is a word count target?

Kind Regards

Yes, word count targets, session targets and suchlike - all the same things that have been in the past supported if Growl was installed. For project and session targets, go to Project > Project Targets, and you can turn on notifications via the options. For individual documents, click on the target icon in the footer bar when viewing a text document.

…And it only notifies when you have achieved such-and-such a target, correct?

It’s like a “Mission Accomplished” notification.

I’d assume there’s no way to get some kind of morning notification of a future session target.

Yes, mission accomplished, just the same as it has always worked with Growl. Setting up your targets and all the rest is between you and your muse. :slight_smile: