Notwithstanding is a crap word
Mealymouthed. Inexact. Movable. Dissembling.

Notwithstanding as a word should be taken out into a pub car park and given a good kicking.

Yeah, That will sort out notwithstanding once and for all. You won’t come back and dissemble round here again !

Its good to be righteous. Even better to be righteous with a club.

Your strong opinion notwithstanding, and whilst I appreciate your vigour, your violence is not appropriate.*


  • Sentence originally read “may not be appropriate”, but I’ve been re-reading Strunk and White and realised it wasn’t forcible enough!

You finding fault with it, is all the recommendation it needs, for continued use.
PS: I think it`s a lovely word.

It’s an old-fashioned lawyer’s word. Can’t you just hear Perry Mason uttering it in the last couple of minutes of the ep, the bit where he makes plain - “notwithstanding the alibi” - it was the witness, not the accused who did it? Then later the prosecutor acknowledges defeat, the white-haired PI comes in and Della looks on adoringly?

I dislike its younger siblings “moreover” and “furthermore” nearly as much, but sometimes circumstances dictate that one has to pompous up and use them.

So keep on kicking, Paul.


Indeed sir, why ever not.

The worst part about those words is that they remind me of the last trip to NYC. The cabby said something to the effect “Soyouwanttogototheairportforaflighttosomeplace. Hopeyouhadagoodtimehere. whatdoyouthinkaboutthebigapple?” But he has less space between the words. [size=75]I can only assume that the fact I left comprehension spaces in my speech caused him to realize I was not a down stater[/size]

How the heck is “notwithstanding” different from “not with standing”? They are the same thing? is it really that much harder to add the spaces?


Then again I am an uneducated hick…

To find the word notwithstanding notwithstanding has its own irony… notwithstanding of course.

If the guy that rode with you and is now making a fool of himself at the bar is named Standing and you are trying to distance yourself from him you may claim you are “not with Standing”.

Any way, what ever the reason, may be some one with out a space bar could feel accept able out side of their neighbour hood of dialect.

Umm not sure if I should laugh or cry. One because you might be calling me out. The other because I had to read this twice to see the problem. As in it actually made sense to me the first time I read it.

Let’s just say laugh.

I don’t know, I really don’tseetheproblemwithcrammingwordstogether,itfitsonthepage

But then phpBB and HTML seem to need spaces for word wrap.

anyone get past “pddng”? I was good up till then.

It’s the stylesheet. Turning it off, I got:

This reminds me of Mark Twain’s spelling reform proposal.

Unfortunately, new-fashioned lawyers use it too. It’s just a high-falootin’ way of saying “in spite of.” Some folks use it to sound impressive. Sometimes, it just sounds more civilized than the words you’d rather use! :wink:

I had to think a bit, but I managed to read it all the way through.

But then, I can also read that mangled hash of punctuation some call ‘l33t-5p34k’. (I think I impressed the interviewer at the spam filter place when they asked me if I could read some of the spams they had, and I correctly read a ‘l33t’-ified drug name that I had never heard of before, correctly spelled or no.)

Heretofore, I`ve really liked that word,

Heretofore, I shall not only be shunning punctuation and vowels but also consonants. (At university once I saw the insane David Icke speak - if it is technically possible to see a speech. He talked of how once you reach a certain spiritual level, you pass beyond vegetarianism, veganism and fruitarianism - he, said he, knew someone who was an airarian; so spiritually masterful that she lived only on air. It is in this spirit that my next post is delivered.)

Please see my eloquent manifesto on this evolution of communication below, in the post to follow (notwithstanding any interruptions).


Buses are equipped notwithstanding room, but a lot of sitting room.

I remember her.
She lived on light. Taught others to live on light, Yeah.
And two people starved to death.

You do wonder the about the intellectual quality of your fellow man.

Especially when desserts are so nice.