Novel Format - where are the templates?

Using scrivener for windows in the novel format, I am having trouble creating character sketches using the “new from template” command…

the readme states

“Instead, to create a new character sheet, click on the Characters folder (or wherever you want to create your new character sheet) and from the Project menu, select New From Template > Character Sketch.”

But I dont appear to have this option in the Project menu, or indeed in any of the other menus.

Could be I am just being dense, but otherwise it appears to be missing. :confused:

The New from Template command is a Mac-only feature at the moment. The project template has been updated in recent versions to contain the appropriate instructions here, but all you need to do is select the template sheet in the binder and then use Ctrl-D (Documents>Duplicate) to make a copy of it which you can move to the proper location in the binder. You can then of course fill out that copy and retitled it and so forth without affecting the template directly, which will still be stored in the “Templates” folder of the binder.

ah right, thanks for the info.