Novel Format Word Count


I’m using the Novel Format template. When I try and find the overall word count (project / statistics) it only shows the current document count. Is there a way to show overall count? Thanks.

Are all the documents included for compile? If they aren’t, they won’t be counted.

You could load the draft / manuscript in scrivenings (CMD 1) and view the total count in the Editor’s footer.

Slàinte mhòr.

HI - so they are all included in compile but not all getting counted. Scrivenings works though so that’s good. Any suggestions why project stats doesn’t? I can supply the file if needed.

It is good to check your Compile settings as well, particularly on the right side where the contents list is shown. There are some compile settings that can produce unexpected results—for example if you use the dropdown at the top of the list and set it to “Current Selection”, and then in the Statistics panel’s “Options” tab, enable Count current compile group only. With that combination of settings you would get exactly what you describe: only the document(s) you have selected will be counted.